FIBCs can be classified in three main groups according to their production environment and procedures in place.
This is the standard production grade for most of the FIBCs in the market. General cleanliness and quality procedures apply. No special measures are taken in terms of hygiene and migration properties of the FIBC materials.
The main difference between a standard FIBC and a food grade FIBC is in the resin and the way in which the FIBCs are manufactured. At the most basic level, food grade can mean that the bags are made with 100% virgin polypropylene resin and food approved additives (UV , filler and color additives). These FIBCs are manufactured under our ISO22000 certificate with the HACCP program. HACCP : Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points
This type of FIBCs are manufactured in a special clean room where the atmosphere is continuously controlled and filtered , dust particles counted and kept under control. This is a more advanced grade than Food Grade FIBC. Pharma Grade FIBCs are used for pharma products, high-tech chemicals and additives and infant food formulas.
FIBCs for food products should be manufactured in a clean room environment. While the definition of a “clean room” varies, there are certain standards which should be present in all clean room facilities. Here’s quick checklist to help you ensure that your FIBCs are being manufactured in a proper environment.


  • Proper Ventilation
  • Pest Control Procedures
  • Metal Detection
  • Light Table Inspection
  • Vacuum / Air Cleaning
  • Proper Personnel Wardrobe
  • Proper Personnel Hygiene
  • HACCP Program
  • Record Keeping