We know what quality means. Albel is committed to putting quality into action throughout all its business processes, from raw material through manufacturing to finished goods deliveries to our valuable customers.

Process of Quality

Manufacturing process control and quality assurance are elements of a quality management system, which is the set of policies, procedures, and processes used to ensure the quality of a product or a service.

Albel, for decades, have pioneered management techniques intended to improve quality continuously. We inevitably place great emphasis on managing quality control, involving carefully planned steps to ensure that the products and services offered to customers are consistent, reliable and truly meet their needs.


In order to fulfil the needs and expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers, Albel has built a structured and efficient Quality Management System with years of experience in the industrial packaging sector. This system is regularly audited by external certification bodies as well as customers, verifying and challenging the efficiency and continuous improvement of the system. Albel production units are certified according to the International Standard for Quality Management ISO9001 and HACCP.

Albel has put in place a Quality Policy that is identical and valid for all its production sites. Among the key pillars of this policy are consistently meeting customer requirements and ensuring that all products on the market are safe for intended use and compliant to all applicable legislation. This focus on product safety has led to implementing a risk assessment approach, from raw material selection up to product design and manufacturing processes. These principles are integrated into the ISO9001 quality management sytem.